Defending Our Rights & Dignity


Civil rights advocacy is at the center of CAIR-Texas DFW work. Civil rights staff at our office receive reports of discrimination on a regular basis and work to resolve them through mediation, negotiation, public pressure or, if necessary, through legal action.

CAIR-Texas DFW protects the civil rights of all Americans regardless of faith and has served dozens of victims of discrimination. Our services are often provided free of charge to the community.

If you or someone you know is ever contacted by members of law enforcement, even if it’s simply to “ask you a few questions,” CAIR-Texas DFW highly recommends you contact us for legal advice and/ or representation. Always remember that in the United States of America, you have rights under these sorts of situations.

CAIR-Texas DFW believes in defending the civil rights of American-Muslims regardless of their ability to pay. 

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