Ekram Haque: Diversity Trainer

Ekram Haque: Diversity Trainer

Ekram Haque is a former acting Executive Director of CAIR- TexasDFW, where he now serves as a Diversity Trainer. He is a journalist by profession and author of three books: Muhammad: Son of Abraham, Brother of Moses, Successor of Jesus, a biography of the Prophet (S); The Radiant Lamp, a Seerah-inspired textbook for Muslim teenagers; and Powered by Hope, Positivity, and Optimism, a motivational book based on the prophetic examples.

He has written hundreds of articles in large and small publications, including several Op-Ed and features articles in the Dallas Morning News, News & Observer, Denver Post, Newsday, and Asbury Park Press. 

He is involved in interfaith dialog and is working on an inspirational book in collaboration with a former Christian pastor.

Mr. Haque believes in providing professional and insightful training to businesses, schools, law enforcement, and other workplace enviornments. His goal is to provide professional education on how to create more inclusive spaces in their workplace. The training discusses legal requirements as well as workplace culture. As the workspace continues to become more diverse it is important to be properly trained in cultural competancy.

Mr. Haque resides in Dallas, TX.

To request Mr. Haque as a speaker email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..