Good News Alert: Amazon Seller Takes Down Bathroom Products with Islamic Text After CAR-Texas DFW Get's Involved

Offensive Quranic Text on Bathroom Shower Curtain

Letter From Seller

On Friday, November 15th, CAIR-Texas DFW received a complaint from a community member who informed our office of an offensive product sold by an Amazon Seller that had Surah Mulk (chapter of the Quran) written on a bathroom shower curtain. Upon investigation, our staff determined the seller had several similar bathroom products. In the Islamic tradition, writing Quranic (Islam's Holy Book) text, the name of Allah (God), or the name of Muahmmad (Islam's Prophet, May Peace be Upon Him) on any product that will be put inside of a bathroom, or stepped on like a rug, or any other offensive place is disrespectful and offensive. 

After our investigation, our team wrote a demand letter to the seller requesting the products be immediately removed. Within a few hours all the products were removed from Amazon by the seller. 

"We are very pleased with the response by the seller who upon learning about the offensive nature of the products immediately took them down" said Faizan Syed Executive Director of CAIR-Texas DFW. "This is a business best practice and we call on the community to report companies who sell these types of products so we can work to educate the company and get them removed."

To report troublesome products to CAIR-Texas DFW please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (469) 200-0273.

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