CAIR-DFW attorney Dontrey Tatum on Jan. 10 attended the Southeast (Districts 5, 7, 8) town hall meeting held by the Dallas Police Depart to support the Community Police Oversight Board. The purpose of the Community Police Oversight Board is to help Dallas become a safer and more just place to live and work.

Change is overdue and the time for accountability is now. The CPOB will be an independent, civilian-led oversight agency with 3 parts: a volunteer board, paid staff, and a community advisory council. CPOB aims to improve public-police trust, ensure an accessible complaint process, promote thorough and fair investigations, increase transparency, and improve police policies and practices.

To ensure that the Community Police Oversight Board can provide the change we want to see in Dallas and accomplish all these goals, your support and voice is needed. Please join us in the future town halls to provide feedback on reforming the review board.

Here’s the upcoming schedule (all town halls from 6 PM – 8 PM):

Monday, 1/14 Northwest (Districts 2, 6, 13) @ Grauwyler Park Branch Library
Tuesday, 1/15 North Central (Districts 11, 12, 13) @ Mockingbird Lane Towers
Wednesday, 1/16 Central (Districts 2, 14) @ Meadows Conference Center
Thursday, 1/17 South Central (Districts 3, 4) @ Highland Hills Library