Over 150 guests from different walks of life and faiths attended the CAIR-DFW Iftar in East Plano on Friday, May 25. Emcee Marwa Elibially, an attorney and board member, started the program by inviting Hafizh Sajjad Gul to recite verses from Qur’an about Ramadan.

Executive Director John Janney explained CAIR-DFW’s mission and services to the audience, while Outreach Director Ekram Haque pointed out that fasting was not limited to Islam but that it was also found in Christian and Jewish traditions. Nadim Bashir, Imam and Religious Director of the East Plano Islamic Center, highlighted the essence of Ramadan fasting and took questions from audience who were eager to know more.

Befitting the interfaith Iftar, Samad Khan, an advisory board member, traced Muslim contributions in history, especially the Muslim involvement with the New World even before the creation of the United States.

CAIR-DFW, in collaboration with Islamic Speakers Bureau-DFW, awarded certificates to five individuals who took the test to become Islam 101 Presenters in schools, workplaces and government agencies.

“When people come together and overcome what appears to be differences, we learn that we are all much more alike than we thought,” said Janney. “We hope to continue these efforts through outreach services for secular and other faith communities in hopes of building more friendships as well as bridges of understanding.”

Guests were treated to a sumptuous Mediterranean meal including baklava and gelato ice cream.