Sabeeh Anjum - Community Development Coordinator

sabeehanjumSabeeh Anjum is pursuing a MS Accounting degree at The University of Texas at Dallas focusing on the Professional Accounting track. Sabeeh also obtained his undergraduate degree from UTD in Psychology. Sabeeh has worked at Baskin-Robbins for four years where he has been promoted over time from server to assistant manager of operations. After promotion, he has managed inventory and recommended shipment quantity for his supervisor to order for the store each week. He also has prepared the store multiple times for inspections and under his leadership, the team of employees once achieved the highest franchise inspection score of 94%. From these experiences he has developed inventory management and leadership abilities. Sabeeh also worked at DFW Driving School where he worked as a receptionist and office administrator. Here he processed payments of driving class registration, behind-the-wheel practice, driving license tests, and late fees. This demonstrated his organizational and mathematical abilities because of the heavy record-keeping involved with hundreds of customers’ invoices in a weekly period. The biggest chunk of Sabeeh’s volunteer experience comes from weekends spent with the Boy Scouts of America. After achieving his Eagle Scout final rank and award in February 2017, Sabeeh has been devoted to follow the tradition of previous Eagles and give back to the community by guiding younger scouts to successfully complete rank requirements and merit badge objectives at campouts and regular Sunday meetings. Years of scouting experience have strongly developed Sabeeh’s communication, outdoor, and creative skills. With this diverse background, Sabeeh hopes to learn new skills and further develop them with CAIR-TX DFW.

Sabeeh is very excited to be working with CAIR-TX DFW to assist primarily with community outreach. What attracts Sabeeh to this engagement is the community service aspect of this organization. Because he is a graduate of a bachelor’s in psychology, he is very drawn to organizations like these since they not only help to boost a community image at large, but also empower individuals to feel better about their practices and beliefs. Sabeeh has a combination of interpersonal skills, several years of experience serving masaajid, and a passion for helping people going through a hardship. The first two of these three things will help Sabeeh to work in a team to accomplish the community outreach aspect of this job, while the third will drive Sabeeh to passionately work with CAIR-TX DFW and really feel like he is an active part of this organization who is working for its continued success. At the end of it all, Sabeeh sees himself being an excellent team player by not only working on his assigned part but also going above and beyond on expectations set by the CAIR organization and all of his other team members.