Securing our Islamic Institutions - Security Training

Securing our Islamic Institutions - Security Training

Protecting houses of worship, schools, and our institutions is a tremendous responsibility and reality in the wake of increased gun violence in the U.S. American Muslims have an increased threat due to growing Islamophobia and history of targeting Muslim institutions across the nation and particularly in Texas.

The united offices of CAIR-Texas Austin & Dallas Fort-Worth (CAIR-TX) are proud to work with law enforcement, the justice department, and security contractors to provide security trainings for Islamic instiutions.

Training Includes:

  1. Responding to Active Shooters
  2. Best Practices for Masjid Security
  3. Assessing Vulnerabilities & Developing Plans

This workshop is free and open to the community. We encourage Muslim leaders who serve on security boards to attend and benefit.

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Security Trainers

81895447 127990578700370 7928478060406374400 nPolice Captain Sam Mohamad

Sam has over 22 years of Law Enforcement experience and is currently a sergeant. Sam is a Law Enforcement academy instructor at the Dallas County Community College District. Sam has a depth of knowledge and experience in teaching personal safety/protection, License Firearms Carrying, Mass and Active Shooter safety, and Community Policing, to name a few.

image0Executive Protection Specialist Antonio Sanchez

Antonio Sanchez began his career as a security officer in 1992. This led to further education as a multi-discipline NRA Instructor and TCOLE Instructor, coupled with his physical training, Antonio was ideally suited for high threat protection details for business executives, celebrities, media and political candidates. Moving quickly up the ranks in the security industry including management and ownership later transitioning to law enforcement. Antonio began working protection details for some of the top Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. Clients are also on the Forbes 400 list. Antonio Sanchez can manage a group of agents on a large-scale detail, work one-on-one with a client, and handle hostile termination/employee threat situations. Antonio’s past experience in law enforcement combined with his physical security background make him a good match for any environment.