Congressional Lobby Day for Palestine: Virtual Event

Congressional Lobby Day for Palestine: Virtual Event

Are you passionate about standing up for Palestine and working to end the occupation? Joins us as we take the campaign for Palestine from the streets to the halls of Congress. Signup for our virtual “Congressional Lobby Day for Palestine” in Texas. 

WHAT: Congressional Lobby Day for Palestine
WHEN: Tuesday, June 29th - All Day
WHERE: Virtual (from the comfort of your home)
REGISTER: Click Here to Register for the Lobby Day!
Questions: Contact William White, Government Affairs Manager, 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By meeting your elected officials and sharing your concerns you will be part of the larger movement to change U.S. Policy as it relates to Palestine/Israel. Your voice matters and those who need to hear your voice are in Washington D.C.

What to Expect & Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • After I Register: The CAIR Team will arrange a virtual meeting between you and your Congressional official in Washington. 
    • Will I Meet my Actual Representative or Senator: Our goal is to have you meet your Representative and Senator. However, due to a host of issues, you may not meet your actual Congressional official but a Representative from their office. 
  • What Time will my Meeting be: Our Lobby Day is on June 29th. The exact time of your meeting will be determined after we find availability with the Congressional office. We ask that you be flexible on June 29th and work around the Congressional office’s schedule.
  • How Many Meetings will I Have: You will have a total of 3 meetings. The most important meeting is with your House of Representative member. Those meetings will be smaller and more intimate. The larger meetings will be with your two Congressional Senators. That’s because everyone in your state has the same two Senators. Thus, those meetings will be with more people. 
  • What Will I Talk About: Don’t worry; our team will create and train you on our legislative agenda. That is a fancy word for the issues we are going to discuss with our Congressional offices. 
  • I’m nervous; I’ve Never Done Something Like This Before: That is not a problem. You’re not expected to be an expert but a concerned citizen who wants your Representative to know how you feel on an issue. That’s it. The important thing is that officials hear from you, their constituents.
  • Am I Going to Meet my Congressional Official Alone or in a Group: You will not meet your elected official alone. At least one member of our team will attend every Congressional Meeting. In addition, you will be placed into a group with other members from your same Congressional district. The final size of the members in your group depends upon those who register for the Lobby Day. 

 For 73 years, the world has been silent as the Palestinian people have been ethnically cleansed from their land, erased from history books, and had qualifiers placed on their resistance to occupation.