Civil Rights Work

CAIR-DFW’s civil rights department provides legal services and advocates on behalf of Muslims and others who have experienced discrimination and hate. The department’s focus is to protect and defend the constitutional rights of American Muslims, thereby supporting the rights of all Americans.

Media Relations

CAIR-DFW monitors local, national and international media, in part to challenge negative stereotypes, but also to applaud and encourage positive representations of Islam and Muslims. Over the years, CAIR-DFW has become a respected and credible source for journalists and other media professionals in the community.

CAIR Rapid Response Service (CRRS)

In the event of a possible threat against Muslims in the DFW area and in an effort to streamline information in the case of an emergency, CAIR-DFW uses its unique position to contain and manage such instances with our ability to contact and speak to our partners in Law Enforcement and in the Media – to either dispel or confirm facts and ensure this information is quickly disseminated. Toward that goal, CAIR-DFW has created the “CAIR Rapid Response Service” (CRRS) to:

  • Be the first point of contact for all Muslim organizations regarding news of any threat to Muslims in the DFW area
  • Investigate all threats immediately to determine validity and seriousness of the situation
  • Disseminate information to organizations via email/SMS

Volunteer Work

CAIR-DFW offers volunteer opportunities to students or other interested individuals who wish to gain experience in media relations, marketing, political activism or civil rights work.

Education and Awareness

CAIR-DFW regularly holds “Know Your Rights” workshops for the Muslim community to educate them about their civil rights and how CAIR-DFW can help them if those rights were violated. The presentation also covers latest immigration policies and how American Muslims can report a severe delay in immigration application or detention at airport to CAIR-DFW. We also encourage the Muslim community to be get involved in advocacy and engage with the American society through sermons (khutbahs) in area mosques.

CAIR-DFW has partnered with Dallas-based Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) to train those interested in presenting an accurate Islamic perspective to public schools, law enforcement, religious institutions, and government offices. ISB-DFW is a non-profit educational entity that promotes religious literacy, mutual respect and understanding through free on-site presentations, cultural competency seminars and interfaith dialogue.

Voter Registration

In order to increase Muslim participation in the political arena, CAIR-DFW regularly sponsors voter registration drives across North Texas. To register to vote, visit our website.

Outreach and Interfaith Relations

Each year, groups representing people of all faiths work with CAIR-DFW on important initiatives and learn more about Islam and Muslims in America. Through these interfaith initiatives, CAIR-DFW strives to educate others about Islam while building strong relationships with other faith communities.

Texas Muslim Capitol Day

CAIR-DFW in collaboration with other CAIR chapters in Texas as well as Muslim organizations helps organize the Texas Muslim Capitol Day every other year. Some of the goals behind TMCD are to lobby Texas state lawmakers about Muslim concerns, showcase our community’s growing numbers and financial strength, to underscore our contributions to the State of Texas, and to build or strengthen our coalitions with our interfaith partners.