Our Team

Mustafaa Carroll - Interim Executive Director

Carroll, a seasoned advocate for civil rights, brings a wealth of experience, having served as the executive director of CAIR-Houston for a decade. His dedicated involvement in civil rights work spans numerous decades, including his service on the board of the Gary, Indiana NAACP chapter at the tender age of 14. Mustafaa Carroll's leadership is paramount, and his experience will be an invaluable asset to our community. His commitment to justice and advocacy for the marginalized is unwavering.

Shaimaa Zayan-Operations Manager

Shaimaa Zayan is excited to continue her work for CAIR Austin as the Operations Manager. Shaimaa started working for CAIR-TX on Sep. 2021. She holds a Masters degree in Special Education and Cultural/Linguistic Diversity from UT Austin and has an Electrical Engineering degree. Shaimaa has an initiative personality and an eagerness to learn, facilitate, communicate, and empower others. She is looking forward to building bridges with Austin Muslims and Non-Muslims organizations to work together on common goals and to enhance the civic engagement of the Austin Muslim community. Beside work, Shaimaa enjoys the company of her three children, walking in Austin nature, and cook delicious Mediterranean food for her family.

Sameeha Rizvi - Civic Engagement Organizer

Sameeha is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, holding degrees in Public Health and Social Work.  From organizing with Texas Students for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to Fort Bend for Palestine Coalition, her experiences have underscored the importance of grassroots efforts to advocate for social justice for all. In her role as the Civic Engagement Organizer at CAIR-Texas Austin, Sameeha Rizvi focuses on enhancing civic participation among Muslims in Texas and fostering relationships with students, community members, and policymakers to amplify advocacy efforts. She helps organize campaigns, workshops, and events to promote awareness of key issues affecting Muslims and Non-Muslims alike through education and advocacy. Outside of her advocacy, Sameeha enjoys spending time with her younger sister, Maleeha, and cats, Toph and Matilda, and bracelet making.