Petition: Demand President Jay Hartzell to Adopt a Balanced View of the Mideast Human Crisis

"We, in CAIR  Austin Chapter, are compelled to express our shock and disappointment at the UT Austin President's letter sent to students and staff on October 17th regarding the current situation in the Mideast. It was a one-sided message that failed to acknowledge the suffering of the Palestinians under a brutal terrorizing occupation. Such a unilateral message can harm not only the unity and well-being of students, but also the reputation of the university."

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On Oct. 17th, President Jay Hartzell sent a single-sided letter to students and staff focusing on the loss and suffering of the Israeli people in the mideast and acknowledging the antisemetic actions and statements targeting Jews on campus. Read the whole letter here. Although the president Hartzell pledged for the protection of all students including Palestinians and Muslims, the letter selectively condemned one side ignoring the long history of the brutal occupation and displacement in Palestine and the 15-years of siege and blockade in Gaza.