Young Muslim Leadership Council

The Young Muslim Leadership Council (YMLC) is the youth arm of CAIR-Texas.

Purpose: YMLC aims to inspire, train, and network the next generation of American Muslim leaders.

Why YMLC: Every day, we at CAIR-Texas wake up and ask the question, "how do we change the world"? We ask ourselves, how do we transform the miserable condition of the Ummah and tackle the multiple problems impacting humanity. Our simple answer, one young Muslim at a time. The most significant way to build a better world is by inspiring and training the next generation of young Muslim leaders. This population of Muslims is unique in the world with their potential to transform their lives, community, and world. All they need is a little guidance, an award-winning youth program, and a slight nudge in the right direction. If you haven't guessed it already, that is where we come in.

Summary: YMLC is the youth arm of CAIR-Texas. The program works by recruiting young Muslims to join the boards of YMLC to organize activities, build deep social bonds, have fun, and build leadership skills. YMLC works in the following manner.

YMLC Boards: We believe in providing young Muslims with real-world leadership and organizational experiences to develop them into future leaders better. We also believe that young Muslims are the strongest when they are building local friendships, having fun, and working with other future leaders in their local community. That is why YMLC consists of a series of boards that are both local and state-wide focused.

  • YMLC-Texas: Is the state-wide young Muslim-led and young Muslim-run board of YMLC. It consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer that are voted on by the YMLC network members whose terms last for one year. The board also consists of two representative members of each YMLC local board. This board organizes state-wide programs, develops policies and procedures for the entire YMLC network, works to resolve disputes, and is trusted with growing YMLC.
  • YMLC-(Local City): Let's face it, Texas is a big state. That is why YMLC has several local boards, which are young Muslim-led and Young Muslim-run. These young Muslims all live, pray, play, and study in their local communities. That is why they are the best in using YMLC funding to organize local programs, halaqas, networking opportunities, social events, and more. These boards operate with the vision and mission of YMLC but have tremendous independence.
    • Examples: YMLC-Plano, YMLC-Irving, YMLC-Austin, YMLC-Frisco, YMLC-Arlington, etc.

Commonly Asked Questions: 

How Can I Join YMLC? Joining is easy. Click on the button above or click here to join YMLC.

What Happens After I Join: After you signup, you can accept a few things. First, you'll be added to our YMLC newsletter. We are always doing awesome activities such as conferences, talks, leadership programs, personal development, self-care, and more. You'll be invited to all of these activities. Second, you'll be connected with your local YMLC. From there, you'll be able to meet, in person, other students who live in your community and are passionate about the exact causes, and have similar goals that you do.

Is There a Cost to Join: No, there is no annual or membership cost to join YMLC.

If you have further questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 469-200-0273.

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